Brute Force

BruteForce @BlackPoints - The android game that time wastes

A Game for Winners!

Ever felt like "Man, I really want to do something right now, but actually I'm to bored to do anything!"?
"Of course!" is the right answer. And now, you got the solution for your problems:

BruteForce: the Game

A game about brute-forcing your way through puzzles, earn points and unlock new skin customizations. Kill time in no time!

Sharing is Caring

Share your best moments with your friends and show them how awesome you are. In each won game gives you the reputation to use more elegant and rare icon packs, that are also shown in the shared screenshot. Try it yourself!

Enough talk! Where can I get it?

The Game is available on your favourite Android device


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Test Name

10.434.778 Pts.


Good Name

8.131.739 Pts.


Awesome Face

7.199.837 Pts.