Box Shooter

BoxShooter @BlackPoints - The arcade, crass-platform, 2d action game


BoxShooter is a 2D arcade shooter coming out for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac & Linux. The release is set to somewhere in 2016. Aw man, i hope it's already this summer.
Anyway, here's some info about the game:


The game is meant to be a 2D game. Yet, the decision is not settled, to leave 3D elements out. Especially when it comes to the story, but more about this later.
To keep things simple, everything in the world of BoxShooter is black, except for the main Characters. Each of them has it's own color. And everything related to that character will also has the characters color.


The gameplay will be fast and based on the skill of the player, like all the good arcade action games. Enemies will overwhelm you, so you have to decide quickly in which direction you are shooting, and which weapon you are using. Also make use of the character's ability!
To not to bore the player too much, the game will offer several different game modes and even a Story mode. Here are the game modes that will hopefully all make it into the full game:

  • Story mode

  • Arena/Survival mode

  • Exploration mode

  • Race mode

  • Carrier mode

  • Defender mode

  • … and more may rise!

More detail of the game modes will be revealed later on, so stay tuned!

Story and Characters

I don't want to say too much about the story, ever, but here's something about the setting of the world:
The story takes place in the Realm of Shapes, the world of the 2nd Dimension. But an evil threat is attacking the Realm of Shapes with the Legion. It's the Developer - a 3 dimensional creature that crafted an army of 2 dimensional soldiers.
The only ones who can save the Realm of Shapes are the legendary 4 shapes. These are Circle, Triangle, Donut and Pentagon. Each of which, with an own special ability to use in combat

Technical stuff

The game is based on LibGDX and Box2D, which is included. I recommend LibGDX highly to anyone who wants to make games for every platform. This is achieved by using Java as the programming language.
The game will include local, but no online multiplayer. Touch and keyboard controles are already working, and i will include my official support for PS4 (DualShock4) and Xbox controllers later on.

Want to stay tuned?

If you want to stay well informed about the game, you should check out my Blog once in a while and/or subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I will start to make video updates about the game, soon…